Friday, February 29, 2008

Geek Dinner March 20th

Yes, it's about that time again! This time we're going to Michael's Uptown Cafe at 102 E. Kirkwood; a fairly well-known and locally owned restaurant here in town that is, I hear, the place to go for European soccer fans to watch matches. Thursday, March 20th is the date. The people that responded to the poll were pretty much all over the place, so I'm sorry for you folks that were hoping for a weekend date...however, between IU's spring break, Easter, and St. Patrick's day we thought this was the best time to fit it in.

A few people will be there as early as six P.M., but feel free to come whenever you like. There were people hanging out at least until nine last time, and I remember being disappointed that people had left so soon until I realized what time it was. We're going to try to reserve their back room for that evening, but if not we'll just grab two, four, or eight tables. Looking forward to seeing someone show up with a Kindle this time, or at least a Twitter-driven toy rabbit :) See you there!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll bring my Pleo.

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