Friday, January 18, 2013

Geek Dinner, Jan. 30th, Opie Taylor's

Since the Mayans have let us down, we're planning a regular set of Geek Dinners for 2013, and we'll start it off with a Geek Sports Dinner at downtown mainstay Opie Taylor's. Have big plans for Facebook's Graph Search? Tell us about it! Want to discuss Aaron Swartz and the freedom of information? Come on down! Or show off your latest gadget, or even the great app you created for that gadget. And afterwards, hang around at Opie's to watch the Hoosiers take on Purdue on the big screen.

Come join us for food, drink, and talking tech with the geeks of Bloomington. That's Wednesday, Jan. 30th at 6PM, at Opie Taylor's, downtown on Walnut Street near Kirkwood. See you there!