Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 15000 Celebration, January 25th, Fountain Square Mall

If you're a Linux user, you may know that epoch time refers to the number of seconds since Jan. 1st, 1970. The 15000th day of epoch time is coming up soon, and what better reason for a celebration? The fine folks at Suso , a Bloomington website hosting and website design company, are sponsoring a gathering in the Fountain Square Mall ballroom to support this important event! (Suso is a Bloomington web hosting and Internet services provider and website development company.) Come along and discuss why you prefer Linux over Windows, Java over .Net, and...Oracle over Microsoft?

Hmm, that last one might be tricky. Maybe we'll just talk about your new Verizon iPhone, or what you learned at CodeMash in Cleveland. But whatever you choose, come for pizza, drinks and to talk tech with all the geeks of Bloomington! Suso is located at 101 W. Kirkwood Avenue, Suite #222. Visit http://www.day15000.com/ for more information.

See you at Fountain Square Mall, Tuesday, January 25th, at 5:00 6:00 PM.

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